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Level 2 Enneagram Coach Certification


Based In: Singapore Singapore 127727 Singapore

Accredited Instructors:
  • Granville Edwin D'Souza
  • Marion Nicole Teo
Training Program Description:

-Understand how we are limited by our own Rules, Beliefs and Paradigms and What we believe is Impossible to do to be a Top Financial Performer

-Know the Paradigm Shifts that take place when we are under Stressful and Relaxed conditions and identify useful / harmful behaviours that affect our Performance

-Exploration of the Wings and what it looks like when we identify with the Resourceful / Unresourceful sides

-Learn about the Defense Mechanisms of all Types and how we Use them when we are Triggered under Stressful situations

-Know how your SubType supports or hinders your Choices in our Daily Life and Behaviours as a Financial Consultant

-Understand and learn how to give Effective Feedback to the 9 Types to develop our Financial Consultants

-Understanding Enneagram Trends when Relating to and in Conflict with Financial Consultants or Clients

-Coaching Techniques to Develop Self to be a more Effective Agency Leader and Develop Financial Consultants through a series of Questioning Techniques and other Tools

-Learn Effective Selection Processes & Recruitment of potential Candidates using the Enneagram Personality Profile

Interactive Components:

This program is delivered 100% live. In Singapore, one or 2 runs per quarter.


This Certification is customized to the Insurance Industry and the target audience are Agency Leaders and senior Financial Consultants.