Based In: Johannesburg Gauteng 2196 South Africa

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Accredited Instructors:
  • Ingrid Hurwitz
Training Program Description:

Use the Enneagram as a Map to Healing of the trauma-based distortions and reactivity that limit our lives and diminish our flowing Aliveness and inhibit our natural human capacity for Heartful Connection and calm Presence in the Here and Now. Covers: Trauma- informed Coaching

Interactive Components:

Held once a year.


Evidence of an interest in counselling, trauma work, therapeutic work, spiritual direction etc. Additionally, inner personal work (therapy, counselling, coaching). A basic exposure to the Enneagram (1 year of exploration e.g. know own type, basics of all other types, and fundamental Enneagons: Passion, fixation, Virtue, Holy Idea, as well as exposure to defense mechanisms and triads. Pre-course orientation materials and videos are provided if some catch-up is required to get to this point). Young people under 25 are not accepted unless they are psychology students.