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Takdir 5D Enneagram Coaching

Based In: Johannesburg Gauteng 2196 South Africa

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Accredited Instructors:
  • Ingrid Hurwitz
Training Program Description:

o Support breakthroughs in self-efficacy and the reclamation of agency
o Resource clients to level up in (Instinctually Sequenced) Tri-Fix health
o How to coach into the Essence Qualities Lines, Virtues and Holy Ideas
o Working with the Defense Mechanisms; Anti-self actions, Lies and Traps of each Type.
o Develop personally and professionally
o Market your true self and offering ethically and with integrity
o Certification as a Level I TAKDĪR 5D® Trauma-Informed Enneagram Coach
o Total contact hours: approx. 56 hours
• 36 hrs: Group contact : 9 live monthly online contact modules of 4 hrs each
• 13 Dyad hours: A monthly 90 minute dyad session
• Prep plus 3 x 1 hr recorded demo sessions for formative assessment 4hrs
• 3 Hours of 1:1 Supervision
o Flexible optional individual work: Approx. 4 hrs per month over 9 months
o Personal mindfulness / meditation practice: 10 Minutes per day minimum (app encouraged)
Total hours including non-contact time and personal practice for a committed and engaged
student: 92hrs


This programme provides strong Enneagram education while developing the
knowledge, technical skills and depth of presence to be able to Coach using
the Enneagram in a Trauma-Informed way using a specifically developed
Enneagram Coaching Model - The Takdīr 5d® Model. This is a trauma-informed
4-stage model with the Coach as the 5th Element and the foundation of the
coaching. (Schematic inserted after form requirements). It offers
1. PRESENCE: Psychospiritual personal development as a coach:
Emphasises the role of the coach in resourcing the client while providing
co-regulation through deep presence, safety and connection. The course
therefore develops strong personal depth and centredness through an
ongoing process emphasis in the training.
2. KNOWING: Enneagram Knowledge
Offers a structured approach to working with critical but neglected
Enneagram constructs such as the Anti-Self Actions and Traps as well as
“the usual” instincts, subtype, and tri-fix elements by providing
synthesised teachings of the most powerful teachers from Ichazo,
Naranjo. Almaas, Muqaddam, Maitri, Hudson, Palmer, Condon, Sikora,
and all the others whom I have been obsessively studying over the past
12 years.
3. HEART: Interpersonal heartfulness
Enhances heart qualities of understanding, acceptance, empathy and
insight through learning together and sharing coaching experiences and
Enneagram journey “unveilings”. I model phenomenological listening
processes learned in my counselling training, 3 year imago training as a
relationship therapist, and create a sacred temenos in which people learn
in an altered state of deeply relaxed and present, kind, curious
4. GUT: Practical skills

Develops mastery in PRACTICAL SKILLS and to use the powerful Takdīr
5d® Model, tools and resources with confidence.
• Resourcing exercises for clients.
• Guided Question-development
• Psychoeducational resources
• Process and presence skills
• Listening skills
• Mirroring skills
• Safety skills
• Psychobiological skills
• TRAUMA-INFORMED Inner parts work skills

Interactive Components:

The Takdīr 5d® Model incorporates 3 forms of knowing
• Propositional: Theory, facts and evidence
• Perspectival: Sharing and learning from each other and our experiences and deep,
integrated inner knowing
• Practical/ Participatory: Practical tools, methods and skills

• Draws on a wide range of disciplines and the work of multiple teachers
• A workbook, slides, and session recordings
• Access to a video and audio library
• Access to multiple free learning opportunities’
• A Community of Expert Coaches and Enneagram specialists

  • English proficiency
  •  Enneagram exposure of minimum 1-2 years
  • Some personal coaching or therapy experience as a client
    • Some evidence / background of healing/ helping/ counselling work
    (coaching, volunteer counselling, spiritual direction, prison or social work)
    • Commitment to a minimum of 90% live attendance barring emergencies
    or illness and commitment to certification
    • Agreement to the IEA Code of ethics and Takdir social ethics (inclusivity,
    embracing diversity, respect guidelines)