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Essence Certification Training

Based In: Asheville NC 28805 United States

Accredited Instructors:
  • Ali McGhee
  • Lissa Friedman
  • Tammy Hendrix
  • Valerie Wanamaker
Training Program Description:

Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

This program is sponsored by IEA Accredited Professional Tammy Hendrix of the Accredited Enneagram School of Awakening.

50 days | 100 hours | 50 Multiple Events | 2 hour zoom calls weekly on Wednesday 5-7pm EST for 50 weeks.

The Enneagram Essence Certification Program is a year-long psycho-spiritual education
experience, emphasizing the spiritual roots of the Enneagram.

It takes place 100% online and is easy to integrate into your life. Classes are held via live-streaming and they're recorded. Every lecture will be available to re-watch from our online classroom on Teachable.

Interactive Components:

This program offers the tools, structure, and support system for your deep journey of sacred
embodiment. If you are sacred seeker and/or facilitator who wants to deepen your understanding of the spiritual roots of the Enneagram, this program is for you.

Each student will be required to meet with the instructor 3 times during the training for individualized assess


Basic understanding of the Enneagram either via our School's workshops or other trainings
discussed with the instructor before registering.