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Enneagram and the Coach Certification Program

Sponsored By AP: Elaine J Bailey Anderson

Based In: United States

Accredited Instructors:
  • Elaine J Bailey Anderson
Training Program Description:

The Enneagram and the Coach Certification is a 12-week training and coaching program that teaches you the knowledge and wisdom of the Enneagram. Firstly by deepening your own self-knowledge through recognizing your own Enneatype – your innate strengths, blind spots, assumptions, unconscious patterns. With this experience as a clear foundation, you'll learn how to use the Enneagram with your coaching clients – deepening their own self-understanding and conscious awareness – breaking them free from their limitations, and empowering them to make better choices and live the life of their dreams.

Interactive Components:

Offered on Zoom Currently offered ondemand - with an option to upgrade to the Certification Program The Certification Program has been offered 3 times LIVE during 2020 - 2021


Must be experienced in coaching already. This doesn't teach the basics of coaching - it teaches you how to use the wisdom of the enneagram in your coaching work.