Sponsored By AP: Ben Campbell

Based In: Maine United States

Accredited Instructors:
  • Ben Campbell
Training Program Description:

There are two primary goals of "Living the Wisdom." The first is to provide each student with a comprehensive overview of the nine personality types in a way that honors the original transmission of the Teaching, and to see those patterns in themselves and their classmates (see "AdditionalInformation"). The second goal is to provide an Inner Work Community for students to participate in--in the tradition of the Fourth Way, LTW is meant to facilitate the cultivation of Presence in each student's daily lived life by serving as a safe and grounding touchstone.

1-2 times per week on Zoom, plus monthly private sessions, also on Zoom.

Interactive Components:

Living the Wisdom (LTW) meets online on Zoom. The course runs July-June (or January-December depending on when students enroll--see Additional Information) and meets on most Thursday nights and two Tuesday nights EST per month. LTW includes 10 private sessions with each student over the duration of the course. There are a total of 50 group calls over approximately 10 months, each 90 minutes. Additional time is spent each week on reading and self-observation assignments.