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The Enneagram Certification Training Program (ECTP)

Sponsored By AP: Chen Zhi Rong

Based In: Dongguan Guangdong 523068 China

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Accredited Instructors:
  • Chen Zhi Rong
  • Gu Weiwei
  • Guo Xuefei
  • Lei Huang
  • Man Tang
Training Program Description:

The ECTP project is divided into four phases: ECTP I--Personality of Enneagram (3 days 24H);ECTP II--Disintegration and integration of personality(2 days 16H);ECTP III--Subtype of Enneagram(3 days 24H);ECTP IV--Enneagram typing(4 days 32H);Through the above four stages of learning, students can fully master the enneagram knowledge

Interactive Components:

It will be held in Shenzhen and Hangzhou at least once every quarter.