Based In: Egypt

Accredited Instructors:
  • Khaled M ElSherbini
  • Nataliia Bolshakova
Training Program Description:

This program prepares students who have significant knowledge of the Enneagram (preferably completed our Awaken through Enneagram ATP) to become coaches using the Enneagram and the Integral Enneagram model.

The program consists of three levels.

CC1: Essential Coaching

  • What is Coaching
  • Coaching core competencies
  • Essential coaching principles
  • Embodying a coaching mindset
  • Ethical practice
  • Establishing the coaching agreements
  • Cultivating the coaching relationship
  • Maintaining trust and confidence
  • Creating a safe environment for coaching
  • Mindfulness and presence in coaching
  • Effective communication practices
  • Non-judgmental attentiveness and awareness
  • Inquisitiveness and managing progress and development
  • Facilitating growth and transformation

CC2: Coaching and Typing with the Integral Enneagram model

  • Enneagram Typing techniques
  • Coaching the Enneagram types
  • Stages of the Mind coaching techniques and tools
  • Stages of the Heart coaching techniques and tools
  • NLP techniques in coaching the Enneagram types
  • Somatic coaching for the types

CC3: Conscious Relationship Coaching

  • Relationship coaching for Enneagram types, instinctual stacks, and intelligence centers
  • How developmental levels and psychological maturity affect relationships
  • Relating along the stages of the mind
  • Relating along the stages of the heart
  • Relating across the four dimensions of being
  • Communication across the stages
  • Masculine-feminine polarities and gender roles
  • Emotional availability in relationships
  • Levels and states of Love
  • Cocreating purpose and meaning



Interactive Components:

For each of the 3 levels, the following applies:

12 Live zoom sessions

Prerecorded zoom material

breakout rooms for practice in each live session

bi-weekly support sessions for training under the supervision of course assistants

homework of 27 coaching sessions (9 as a coach, 9 as a client, and 9 as an observer)

A journal for the 27 sessions

A final recorded project


EL1 (Level 1 of the Awaken through Enneagram program)

or equivalent from any accredited program ATP