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Moving Beyond: An Enneagram Training and Certification Program

Sponsored By AP: Sali Honess-Ondrey

Based In:

Accredited Instructors:
  • Sali Honess-Ondrey
Training Program Description:

The program provides a comprehensive Enneagram education; it also offers specialized content regarding the ins and outs of bringing the Enneagram to communities generally under-resourced and those communities outside the traditional practice of Enneagram trainings. This unique blend of knowledge and practice provides for the graduate the needed experience to navigate in this pioneering space.

Over a period of 15 weeks, 1 day each week (asynchronous) will involve an average of 2 hours viewing pre-recorder video content as well as working individually with content in a guided way in preparation for the other 1 day that same week in which the cohort will gather online (synchronous) for 2 hours of additional instruction, discussion, and group interaction around the week's content. Each of the 15 weeks therefore includes 4 hours of content. There will be a final project done independently to be completed within the month following the last of the 15 weeks and will be handed in and reviewed prior to being awarded program certification.

Interactive Components:

Each participant will create and offer a training sharing a portion of the Enneagram with a group unfamiliar with the Enneagram. They will solicit feedback at its conclusion and submit both the content and feedback of the training to the instructor. In order to secure a certificate of completion.


A basic introductory understanding of the nine Enneagram types.