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Narrative Enneagram Professional Certification Program (Teacher Track)

Sponsored By AES: The Narrative Enneagram

Based In: Boulder Colorado 80306 United States

Accredited Instructors:
  • Christopher T. Copeland
  • Erlina Edwards
  • Peter O'Hanrahan
  • Renee Rosario
  • Terry Saracino
Training Program Description:

The Narrative Enneagram is the longest running Enneagram School in the world and only IEA Accredited School with Distinction. The Professional Certification Program (Teacher Track) is for those who are interested in developing skills as a teacher of the Enneagram.

During this 12-month experiential learning program, you’ll develop your skills conducting typing interviews, presenting about the Enneagram, and facilitating panels. You’ll learn from expert faculty through live online modules, gain hands-on experience with feedback from a Coach during practicum, and build relationships with your cohort throughout the year long experience.

Program Components Include:

Module 1: Typing Process - In this 3-day live online training, you’ll learn how to conduct individual typing interviews using the inquiry method to help interviewees discover their potential type.

Typing Practicum - Practice your typing interview skills and learn to support those in the process of type discovery by conducting typing interviews in the Narrative Tradition with feedback from your Coach.

Module 2t: Teacher Training - In this 3-day live online training, you’ll develop your presentation skills, practice leading type panels in a group setting, build skills in receptive awareness, and learn methods to integrate somatic elements into your practice.

Teacher  Practicum - Practice your skills to effectively present topics on the Enneagram and facilitate a panel in the Narrative Tradition with support from your Coach.

Graduation - Celebrate becoming a Certified Narrative Enneagram Practitioner (CNEP). Upon graduation, you will also receive one free year of Professional Membership with the Narrative Enneagram to support you in staying connected to the Enneagram community and jump-starting your professional Enneagram work.

Interactive Components:

Interactive training components include:

  • Practice conducting typing interviews with volunteer from the community and feedback from faculty and coaches
  • Facilitate three panels (two introductory and one growth) in small groups to practice your interviewing skills and receive constructive feedback
  • Hone your presentation skills including developing your content, getting to know your speaking style, establishing rapport, and maintaining a relationship with your audience
  • Give a 20-minute presentation in a small group and receive constructive feedback
  • Explain the power of the Enneagram in your own words by practicing a 30-second “elevator” speech
  • Build skills in self-reflection, self-observation and receptive awareness
  • Learn body awareness and centering exercises that you can integrate for your own development and facilitate with groups
  • Small and large group discussion throughout the program, including cohort meetings outside of training time

Complete the Narrative Enneagram Foundational Courses:

  • Experiencing the Narrative Enneagram
  • Exploring Instinctual Subtypes
  • Engaging Transformational Growth
  • Deepening Spiritual Awareness