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The Art of Growth Certification

Sponsored By AP: Joel Hubbard

Based In: Saugus Maine 01906 United States

Accredited Instructors:
  • Joel Hubbard
Training Program Description:

Students will submit an introductory paper prior to week 2 of program.
Before each topic, students will watch introductory video.
Class begins with meditation, then instruction 10-15 minutes per topic.
Questions and self-reflection follow.
Breakout groups will discuss particular questions intended to help student understand how the type presents itself embodied in another.
After class, there are journal prompts students work on throughout the week.
Toward the end, students are required to do a 10 presentation on an Enneagram topic, 6 typing interviews, and a final comprehensive paper. The class meets weekly for 12 consecutive weeks for 3 hours at a time.

Interactive Components:

Meditation. Breakouts. Journaling.


Instructor meets with student beforehand to get a sense of knowledge and preparedness for the course.