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Family Dynamics Through The Enneagram

Sponsored By AP: Mona Moustafa

Based In: New Cairo Egypt

Accredited Instructors:
  • Mona Moustafa
Training Program Description:

In person: MQR Co-working space Online: Zoom Twice per year.

It's a self-discovery journey where the particepent will discover his Enneagram type to be aware of his basic fears, desires, motives, strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots to start his self-consciousness journey. In level 2 he'll discover how to change any friction between him and the other to deeper connections and better relationships. In level 3 he'll discover how his Enneagram type affects his parenting style and how to build a healthier bond with his children according to their Enneagram type. Level 4 is the Inner work that is required to maintain conscious relationships.

Interactive Components:

program = 4 Modules 4 days / Module 5 hours/ day = 20 hrs / Module with total hours 80 hours / program


Module 1 is pre-requisite for attending the rest of the Modules