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Enneagram Basic (NLP & Enneagram Aalborg)

Sponsored By AP: Morten Gelbek Andreasen

Based In: Aalborg Aalborg 9000 Denmark

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Accredited Instructors:
  • Morten Gelbek Andreasen
Training Program Description:

Enneagram Basic teaching. Subjects to learn, understand and use for personal growth: Origin of the Enneagram, 9 types, 3 centers of intelligence, Hornevian/Social Triad, Wings and "legs/arrows" - to
recognize and to use for integration to balance own type. Introduction to 3 primary levels of integration. Generally to understand what is ego, personality and what is not. Tips for becoming more aware. Exercises to help becoming conscious of and integrate different aspects. Mindfulness/Meditation guiding.

Interactive Components:

Our Basic Enneagram education is part of our 3+ step program:
1. Enneagram Basic
2. Enneagram Practitioner
3. Enneagram Master
Combined with NLP (or other) coach education one can achieve certification as Enneagram Coach
Practitioner, Coach Master Practitioner and ICTA certified Enneagram Master Coach