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Enneagram Master (NLP & Enneagram Aalborg)

Sponsored By AP: Morten Gelbek Andreasen

Based In: Aalborg Aalborg 9000 Denmark

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Accredited Instructors:
  • Morten Gelbek Andreasen
Training Program Description:

Master Training is at advanced level and based on Practitioner certification. Subjects are both practical professional use of The Enneagram and in depth work and training on specific subjects.
Subjects: Type recognition and uncovering, Tri-fix, facilitating and teaching the Enneagram, Enneagram and teams, Conflicts and relations, coaching and in dept transformational work. Still much self  growth and awareness in focus.

Interactive Components:

Our Practitioner Enneagram education is part of our 3+ step program:
1. Enneagram Basic
2. Enneagram Practitioner
3. Enneagram Master
Combined with NLP (or other) coach education one can achieve certification as Enneagram Coach
Practitioner, Coach Master Practitioner and ICTA certified Enneagram Master Coach


Enneagram Basic and Enneagram Practitioner.