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Advanced Coaching With the Enneagram 2.0

Sponsored By: Ginger Lapid-Bogda, PhD

Based In:

  • City: Albany
  • ZIP / Postal Code: 94706
  • Country: United States

Accredited Instructors:
  • Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD
Training Program Description:

The Advanced Coaching with the Enneagram certificate program is¬† designed to enable those who coach others to coach the whole person in context. Based on the¬† assumption that you are already familiar with core coaching theory and practice and know the¬† Enneagram well and can already integrate it into your coaching, this program is based on the¬† Coaching Circle. The Coaching Circle is used in two ways. The overarching use of the Coaching¬† Circle is for coaches to continuously employ the four core modes of coaching behavior:¬† Listening, Questioning, Feedback, and Challenging. These four areas are utilized throughout the¬† program, focusing first on the client as a whole person with integrated systems of thought¬† patterns, feeling responses, and behavioral habits. Coaching Circles are used as a foundation for¬† group (team) coaching. Coaches pursue an in‚Äźdepth understanding of the mental maps of clients¬† by enneatype and learn how to illuminate and challenge these mental models in service of the¬† client‚Äôs growth. The program also helps coaches focus on how to coach clients to increase¬† emotional literacy, creating awareness, openness, and expansiveness in clients of the nine enneatypes in order to strengthen and enrich their development. Crucially important in¬† coaching is how the body restrains us in ways that limit our ability to grow. The program¬† provides coaches with the opportunity to learn how to work somatically with clients of each¬† type and how to create dramatic release and change. In addition to integrating the mental,¬† emotional, and somatic aspects of coaching, coaches also work with client enneatype‚Äźbased¬† transformations.¬†¬†Throughout the program, coaches engage in a variety of coaching practices¬† with feedback from both clients and observers¬†¬†

Interactive Components:

4¬†five‚Äźhour¬†virtual¬†sessions¬†plus¬†pre‚Äźand¬†post‚Äź work¬†(2‚Äź4¬†hours)¬†for¬†each¬†session¬†that¬†utilizes¬† the¬†Enneagram¬†Learning¬†Portal¬†


Participants ideally have some background in coaching and/or some familiarity with the Enneagram system and their Enneagram type. This program is designed for people who  range from some prior backgrounds in both of the above to those who have many years of  experience.  Everyone must read these two books prior to the program: Bringing Out the Best in  Everyone You Coach, The Art of the Enneagram, and The Art of Typing.