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To Function as a Soul: The Esoteric Dimension of the Enneagram


Sponsored By: Carl Marsak


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(GMT -8:00) PT: Pacific Time (US & Canada)

This 12-month group will use the work of John Fudjack and Patricia Dinkelaker (found online at to study and discuss several related topics, including the Enneagram as a Triple Mandala, which discloses 3 spiritual paths: type and renunciation, process and transformation, and awakening and realization. These correlate to outer, inner and secret levels of teachings. There will also be discussion of Jungian ideas, including individuation, shifting the center of gravity from the ego to the Self, and the MBTI. And more. The readings will be spread out over the year, and required! The format will be a short guided meditation, followed by a 30 min. presentation by the facilitator, and then approx. 75 min. of group discussion. Meetings will be facilitated by Carl Marsak.


Each participant must know their own Enneatype, and have worked with this information psychologically, behaviorally and spiritually for at least 1-3 years. S/he must also have an interest in esoterics (mysticism, initiation, spiritual philosophy, hidden knowledge and practices, etc.).

Open to New Participants?


The group will be open until there are 18 committed participants, and then will close.