IEA Korea was established in 2008 as the only official affiliate of International Enneagram Association. Our vision is to contribute to the building of healthier society through the wisdom of Enneagram. All the wisdom and knowledge would do us no good if it were not implemented into our daily lives. We, at the IEA Korea, strive to help members of the community to apply the wisdom in their lives.

To this end, we hold two annual conferences and invite leading Enneagram professionals for special workshops. In addition, we develop training programs and publish Enneagram books.

We are looking forward to the time when we will be able to invite outstanding speakers from IEA for our workshops.

We deeply appreciate your interest and attention.

Thank you.

IEA Korea Board of Directors

How many members do you have?

102 Lifelong Members
355 Official Members
611 Registered Members

What do you offer IEA Korea affiliate members?

  • We hold two annual conferences – spring and fall. A general assembly and a workshop is also held during the conference.
  • We train and certify Enneagram professionals categorized into three levels; grade 1 professional, grade 2 professional, and certified professional.
  • We strive to contribute to the Enneagram community through partnership and cooperation with local chapters.
  • We publish Enneagram books to promote education and a wider understanding of the enneagram.

How have you been affected by the Covid-19 virus and what are your plans for the future?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has stricken the globe, we were faced with numerous challenges in every way. Our training and certification program was affected as social distancing was imposed. Important conferences and meetings had to be canceled or downsized significantly. However, we are working hard to find ways to cope with the situation and to continue to support the community. The Fall Conference and the general assembly will be held online via videoconferencing on October 17. The certification program will be carried out using various platforms. And we will continue to be a space where wisdom and support for growth is provided.

History of the IEA Korea

2007 August        

  • Founding members’ meeting held to discuss the establishment of IEA Korea.
  • Kim Hwan-young voted as the first president.

2007 December         

  • Joined International Enneagram Association as an affiliate
  • Article on IEA Korea becoming an affiliate published in IEA eNews Letter.

2008 February

  • Application for the registration of trademark
  • Organizational chart and date of general assembly confirmed.

2009 February

  • Held Grudjieff Movement Workshop.
  • Mr. Kim Hwan-young reappointed as president.

2009 October

  • Workshop by Beatrice Chestnut (former IEA president)
  •  Official website opened.

2010 March

  • Spring Conference

2010 November

  • Fall Conference
  • Enneagram specialist accreditation

2011 November

  • Workshop (The Fourth Way by Gurdjiff)

 2012 March

  • Spring Conference

2012 November

  • Fall Conference

2013 March

  • Ms. Kim Mi-hwa appointed as the 3rd president.

2013 November

  • Workshop (Enneagram in our day to day life, centering around diversity)

2014 March

  • Ms. Kim Young-ja appointed as the 4th president

2014 December

  • Submitted application to Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training for civil Enneagram training and certification authority

2015 July

  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Myeongji University

2015 November

  • Special workshop by Linda Roberts (Enneagram for change and transformation)

2016 March

  • Opened IEA Korea office

2016 October

  • Published Enneagram Workbook

2016 November

  • Workshop by Beatrice Chestnut (27 Subtypes)

2017 March

  • Ms. Kim Young-ja reappointed as president

2017 May

  • Translated and published The Subtype Booklet, The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge, The 9 Types of Leadership, and The Enneagram Development.

2017 November

  • Workshop by Curt Micka (Transforming Conflict with Enneagram)

2018 March

  • IEA Korea 10th Anniversary Conference
  • Prof. Lee An-sook appointed as the 6th president

2018 November

  • Workshop by Tom Condon (The Dynamic Enneagram: Five Elements of Change)

2019 November

  • Workshop by Kim Un-ji (Exploring the Essence of Enneagram through Carl Jung’s Subconscious)


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