The Enneagram Effect

by Rosemary Hurwitz, MA.PS

Dear Enneagram friends,

I’ve studied, taught and coached-with the Enneagram since 2002.  It had a neon light around it for me and I knew I had to work with it. I changed careers in mid-life from the corporate environment to getting an MA, Pastoral Studies. It took about ten years and getting published in inspirational compilation books to gain the confidence to write my own Enneagram book!

My students and many colleagues in the Holistic field encouraged me to do this work which was to be a good practical guidebook to use after a “ bad day, “ to help get back in tune with yourself. With seven “Mainstays” for the Nine Types, it also includes a short story for each type and a discernment quiz and song recommendations for each type because “he who sings prays twice!” From my heart, head  and gut to yours, I hope it makes its own contribution to good emotional health.