I have always hoped that someday I would work out how all the things I love – psychology, the Enneagram, spirituality and music – could merge together, culminating in a beautiful contribution to the world.

Since 2011 I have been compiling an album of songs each based on one of the nine personality styles of the Enneagram. As an Enneagram teacher and Psychologist, as well as a musician, I felt drawn to creating an Enneagram resource with a difference; a resource that would not only help people to understand the mental and emotional habits of each type structure and the defense mechanisms that hold each structure in place, but also the pathways to presence for each type that really are open to us all.

Personally, I have always found that learning through the medium of song helps to deepen and cement intellectual understanding at a whole new level. I remember learning to conjugate French verbs when I was 12 years old and still vividly and fondly recall one teacher who put the conjugations to music. I still sing the conjugation of ‘prondre’ (to take) in my head whenever I need to use it! In the same way, it is my hope that these songs will help people to easily understand and remember all the important facets of each structure, simplifying the incredibly vast volumes of Enneagram material, whilst still deeply respecting the essence of each type. Perhaps some people who would otherwise not pick up an Enneagram book may identify with one of the songs and be drawn to learn more.

I wanted to create music that in many ways reflected what it feels like to live in the world through the lens of each type, so these songs attempt to reflect each of the nine styles in both lyrics and music. While the verses describe the difficulty and limiting nature of living within each type structure, the choruses of each song describe the pathway that helps to dissolve each structure, leaving us with the uplifting universal message that life is happening here and now and that this realisation is where true freedom lies. Perhaps these songs will become like a mini ‘how to become present’ manual, reminding us of how simple it is to drop into conscious awareness at any moment.

The album is now in its final stages of production and will be released very soon! To listen to a sample of each song and to read more, visit www.bernadettegalea.com.  I will be presenting the album live at the International Enneagram Summit in Portugal in early May 2019. I hope to meet some of you there!