Three Centered Wisdom with Leslie Hershberger
WebpageStarted:  Thu Jun 10, 2021 07:00 PM ET 09:00 PM ET

Event description

Leslie will introduce the 3 centers from the perspective of 3 Centered wisdom and share how she works with clients related to:

  • the Dominant center where they get fixated
  • the Buried center that eludes them
  • the Auxiliary center that is a resource for accessing the Buried Center.

    Spiritual practice is rooted in being able to connect to a life stream larger than ourselves in the present moment. When we are in our habit of our Dominant Center, the moment has us rather than us being open to the moment!

    This is ultimately practical so we can bring it to our lives in such uncertain times and settle our nervous system and allow ourselves to work with our body as a resource that can be so healing and supportive.

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