World Enneagram Day
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Started:  Sat May 28, 2022 09:00 AM ET 12:00 PM ET

Event description

World Enneagram Day is a yearly celebration on the last Saturday in May. It is a day dedicated to promoting the Enneagram around the world and raising awareness of this powerful model. It is open to the whole of the Enneagram community ~ any lineage or tradition, any language, any culture, and any age. We are all welcome to be inspired by the sharing and to take that heart message to our connections.

On May 28th we would like to encourage individuals and groups around the world to think about what they might do to cultivate an awareness of the Enneagram and introduce it to their communities. In the past, individuals and groups have hosted different types of free events, workshops, forums, discussions, and social celebrations.

This year, World Enneagram Day coincides with the IEA Nordic Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. The IEA will be broadcasting live via Zoom from the conference on Saturday, May 28th starting at 3:00 PM CEST. You will meet people from many countries at the conference and be able to watch a session live!

In addition to this free, live presentation from the IEA Nordic Conference, the IEA is giving the community a special free gift – access to the audio recording of a 2005 conference presentation from IEA Founders, the late Don Richard Riso, and his teaching partner Russ Hudson, titled The Enneagram and the Fourth Way: Transmission and the Spiritual Context of the Enneagram. See below for more information about the free presentations.

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