Using the Levels of Balance for inner growth
(a k a The Levels of Development mapped out by Don Riso)
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Started:  Sun Aug 21, 2022 06:00 PM CET 07:00 PM CET

Event description

The Enneagram is meant to help us grow — not just categorise ourselves. But sometimes, suggestions for supposedly growth-inducing exercises fall flat. ”Focus on your point of integration” or “Explore your type’s virtue” aren’t exactly helpful advice if I’m currently having a hard time and it’s a struggle to even just be present with myself. But what if we could cater the exercises we use to the level of development where we currently find ourselves?

In this free webinar, Cicci Lyckow Bäckman shares her perspective on the Levels and how they can become not just a theoretical mapping out of psychological events but a living, highly relevant tool for our inner growth. Through understanding the different components coming into play in the level dynamics, and through experientially finding what they look like for us personally, we get a phenomenal tool for guiding our inner work.

The webinar also introduces the 10-module, experiential Levels course starting September 4:th, and it includes a Q&A.