Celebration for “Enneagram Made Easy" by Dr. Egerton
Celebrate Dr. E’s Birthday and the launch of “Enneagram Made Easy”
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Started:  Fri Mar 15, 2024 10:00 AM MT 11:00 PM MT

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Join us on March 15th for a Birthday and Book Launch Celebration for Dr. Deborah Egerton and the launch of her book “Enneagram Made Easy” with Lisi Mohandessi. Hosted by Catherine Bell.

10:00 am MST / 12:00 pm EST

“In Enneagram Made Easy, we intentionally crafted a guide that introduces you to the fundamental concepts and shared language of the Enneagram, ensuring that you have a solid foundation before diving into the vast pool of wisdom that this system offers. It is my hope that more people will take the time to understand these fundamentals, allowing them to approach their journey with clarity and a strong sense of self-awareness. …And within the pages of this book, you will find a wealth of knowledge and information. However, should you decide to embrace the fullness of the Enneagram, I assure you that the guidance within these pages will be a steadfast companion on your lifelong journey of self-discovery.”

Enneagram Made Easy, Introduction pg xi