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The Enneagram of True Voice
Discover the Potential of Your True Voice
Presented By: Ingrid Hurwitz, Robert Hutchinson
Fri Jul 05, 2024  -  Sun Jul 07, 2024  | The Royal Foundation of St Katharines

“To speak the truth, one must know what the truth is and what a lie is, and first of all, in oneself.” ~ G.I. Gurdjieff

Join leading Enneagram experts Robert Hutchinson and Ingrid Hurwitz…
The Enneagram’s Gift of Discernment - Summer Retreat
June 20-23, 2024
Presented By: Dale Bially
Thu Jun 20, 2024  -  Sun Jun 23, 2024  | Sandy Saulteuaux Spiritual Center

Summer Retreat: The Enneagram’s Gift of Discernment

Thursday June 20th to Sunday, June 23rd

Nurturing a time of Inner Growth for…

Giornata di introduzione all'Enneagramma
Presented By: Maura Amelia Bonanno
Sun Jun 09, 2024  | Giornata di introduzione all'Enneagramma
Una giornata di introduzione all'Enneagramma domenica 9 giugno 2024 dalle 10:00 alle 18:00 presso Diventa chi sei Academy, via Gaz 2/2, Genova

Step Forward and Beyond:
The Wisdom of your True Self
Presented By: IEA Netherlands
Fri Jun 07, 2024  -  Sun Jun 09, 2024  | Amsterdam, Netherlands

IEA Netherlands Conference 2024 - Whether you are new to the Enneagram or a long-time student and practitioner, come learn with world-class teachers and professional members of International Enneagram Association (IEA) as we dive into practices for using the Enneagram…

Pre-conference Masterclass by Enneagram Europe
Advanced EnneaFlow Transformative Processmodel for Enneagram Teachers, Coaches & Counselors
Presented By: Jeanette van Stijn
Wed Jun 05, 2024  -  Thu Jun 06, 2024  | Retreat centre De Beukenhof, The Netherlands

Embark on a Transformative Journey with Our Exclusive 2-Day Pre-Conference Enneagram Masterclass! Dive deep into the heart of the Enneagram with this unique Masterclass, exploring the original transformative practices handed down by European masters like Gurdjieff. This immersive experience offers…

B.I.G. Enneagram Retreat
Body Based, Integrated in Nature, Grounded in Practice
Presented By: Ben Campbell, Chelsea Forbrook, Milton C. Stewart, MBA
Fri May 24, 2024  -  Mon May 27, 2024  | Mt. Olivet Conference and Retreat Center

Cost: Between $650-$1350. Options to stay offsite, in hotel-style rooms, or dorm style room. Join us for an exclusive 3-day Enneagram Retreat unlike any other, where self-discovery meets the healing power of nature. The B.I.G. acronym stands for: Body-based, Integrated…

Expressions of Care thru Instincts and Types
A One Day Retreat (and Dinner) at the Oregon Coast
Presented By: Dale Rhodes, M.S., M.A.
Sat May 18, 2024  | Center for Health Education
Exploring Expressions of Care through our Instincts and Type: ​In what ways are we naturally giving and expressive?  In what ways not, and why? In what ways do we receive easily?  What expressions…
Death and the Enneagram
Does Anyone Have a Map?
Presented By: Rosemary McManus Carlsen
Thu Apr 11, 2024  | Carondelet Center

Date: Thursday April 11, 2024 Time: 6:30-8:45pm CST Location: Carondelet Center, 1890 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105 Presenter: Rose Carlsen (she/her) Cost: free for MN-IEA members, $20 for guests We all know that death is inevitable and yet when…

The Enneagram, Energy Cultivation & Flourishing
A Qigong Exploration
Presented By: Kathy Jankowski
Sat Mar 23, 2024  -  Sun Mar 24, 2024  | Colombia Manor Golf Course, Minneapolis MN

•We will meet from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm CDT Saturday, with a lunch break from 12 to 1pm, dinner on your own. There is also an optional evening guided nervous system balancing qigong practice from 6 pm to 8:30…

Around the Circle: Weekend Immersion
A Contemplative Enneagram SoulJourney
Presented By: Nhien Vuong
Fri Mar 08, 2024  -  Fri Mar 08, 2024  | Holy Family Retreat Center

Around The Circle: A Contemplative Enneagram SoulJourney Join Evolving Enneagram Founder and Lead Faculty Rev. Nhien Vuong, J.D., M.Div., for this in person weekend immersion at Holy Family Retreat Center in West Hartford, CT. Discover how the…

An Enneagram Wisdom Retreat - February 5 - 12, 2024
Discovering Our Hidden Wholeness in Troncones, Mexico
Presented By: Dale Bially
Mon Feb 05, 2024  -  Mon Feb 12, 2024  | Bajito Bay Resort in Troncones Mexico

Discovering Our Hidden Wholeness

An Enneagram Wisdom Retreat

February 5 - 12, 2024

Troncones - Mexico

Remember What You Are
Presented By: IEA Egypt
Fri Jan 26, 2024  -  Sun Jan 28, 2024  | Cairo, Egypt

IEA Egypt Conference 2024 theme is ”Remember What You Are”. This theme is an invitation for an inward journey, where the spirit of the civilization that once emanated from the sacred land of Egypt is calling us to reconcile our…

Entering The Circle
A Contemplative Enneagram SoulJourney
Presented By: Nhien Vuong
Sun Nov 12, 2023  -  Sun Nov 12, 2023  | Holy Family Retreat Center
Entering The Circle: A Contemplative Enneagram SoulJourney
Join Evolving Enneagram Founder…
The Virtues Of The Enneagram
Embodied And Soulful Connections - Dru Yoga and Movement Group
Presented By: Dale Bially
Sun Nov 05, 2023  -  Sun Apr 07, 2024  | Tatami Sudio

“Virtues are born out of our outer lives as well as our inner lives. If we choose to listen deeply, we can faintly…

An Enneagram Work Group For Men
Creative Expression: Working with the Law of 7
Presented By: Dale Bially
Fri Nov 03, 2023  -  Fri Jun 07, 2024  | Tatami Studios

“From what you get, you can only make a living. By what you give, you can make a life.”

The world has been created…

Saggezza dell'Enneagramma
Presented By: Maura Amelia Bonanno
Sun Oct 22, 2023  | La via del sole

Giornata di introduzione all’Enneagramma. La maggior parte di noi incontra l’Enneagramma come un utile strumento per conoscere i tipi di personalità. A livello più profondo questa mappa ci mostra la relazione tra la nostra personalità e la nostra Essenza, ci…

Why do we need the Enneagram now?
9 Essences of Beings
Presented By: Hera Hyejin Kim, Russ Hudson
Sat Oct 21, 2023  | Mapo Library

Why do we need the Enneagram now? Presented by Russ Hudson   Russ Hudson is coming to Korea to talk about the 9 Essences of human beings.

Enneagram Portland In-Person Retreat Day
Idealized Self, Defense Mechanism, Area of Avoidance: Loosening the Structure for Freedom
Presented By: Dale Rhodes, M.S., M.A.
Sat Sep 23, 2023  | Holiday Inn Northwest Portland

Enneagram Portland In-Person Day Retreat Dale Rhodes, M.S., M.A. and Deb Lyman, LCS​W Teachings, Panels and Groups on understanding and loosening our type-structures. How can we be more free in our ways of being? Introspection, reflection, storytelling, fun and explorations…

Intensivo di Enneagramma Integrale
Presented By: Maura Amelia Bonanno
Wed Aug 02, 2023  -  Sun Aug 06, 2023  | Spazio Diwan
Cinque giorni per esplorare insieme il funzionamento della nostra macchina/personalità, permettere la riorganizzazione dei nostri schemi mentali, emotivi e istintivi e creare spazio…
Emerge Enneagram Retreat
Presented By: Calley Welborn
Fri Jul 28, 2023  -  Sun Jul 30, 2023  | The Katy House

"We are to pause enough to be disarmed...a hiatus from the momentum of demand." - James Finley LIFE EVER FEEL A BIT DEMANDING?

Being in Essence| 4-Day Intensive Retreat
Uncover your shadow, embrace who you are, follow your dreams with Ginger Lapid-Bogda, PhD
Presented By: Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD
Mon Jul 24, 2023  -  Thu Jul 27, 2023  | San Francisco Area | Mill Valley, California

BEING IN ESSENCE| 4-DAY INTENSIVE RETREAT How do you describe a program that is deep, powerful, and self-reflecting, yet intriguing, comforting and hard to put into words? Have you ever explored your shadow without shame but with joy? What about…

In-Person Team Transformations Program | Ireland
Based on Ginger Lapid-Bogda’s book Transform Your Team with the Enneagram
Presented By: Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD
Mon May 22, 2023  -  Thu May 25, 2023  | The Grand Hotel Malahide |Dublin, Ireland

Train-the-Trainer: Team Transformations The Team Transformations program increases both your knowledge and skills working with teams and the Enneagram through theory, practice and first-hand team experiences. You’ll learn about the importance of and skills involved in helping clients distinguish whether…

Somatic Enneagram Training with Marion Gilbert
Modules 1-3
Presented By: Marion Gilbert
Tue May 09, 2023  -  Sun May 14, 2023  | Hillscourt Conference Centre

The Somatic Enneagram training provides deep awareness of how we hold type patterns in the body and skills to build the capacity to release them. It’s the missing piece to help us get unstuck when our reactivity and defence system…

Conscious Movement and the Enneagram
Movement Practice Group - 5 Monday Evenings
Presented By: Dale Bially
Mon May 01, 2023  -  Mon Jun 26, 2023  | St. Peters Anglican Church Hall

“The enneagram is almost impossible to understand without the feeling brought by participating in the Movements that are based on it”

- George Gurjieff

A very different way of moving your body and allowing it to be your…

Deep Living Retreat
Discovering & Cultivating Our Capacity for Engaged Presence
Presented By: Diana Redmond, Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD
Thu Apr 27, 2023  -  Sat Apr 29, 2023  | Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA

Title: Deep Living Retreat: Discovering & Cultivating Our Capacity for Engaged Presence Dates: Thursday, April 27 – Saturday, April 29, 2023 Location: Mercy Center, 2300 Adeline Drive Burlingame, California 94010 –…