Introduction to the Enneagram
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  • Connie Frecker
  • Lisa M Bueche, MA
Starts: Sat May 01, 2021 09:30 AM ET
 12:30 PM ET

Event description

INSTRUCTORS: Connie Frecker and Lisa Bueche


This is an opportunity for those new or slightly familiar with the Enneagram of Personality Types to learn more about each Type in particular and how the system works in general. As always our purpose is to assist others in being more self-aware while being kind to themselves in the process. The program includes small group discussions.
Registration is required¬† See Paypal Below or email¬†[email protected] .com

Upon registration, you will receive confirmation of your registration within 24 hours and then prior to the class, you will receive a quiz to help you get an idea of your Enneagram type in advance of the program. This understanding will enhance your experience.

Location: We will send a Zoom link prior to the class.

Fee: $35.00

Discovering our personality type is an illuminating experience and a major step towards liberating ourselves from our habitual patterns of behavior.

SAT, January 9, 2021, AT 9:30 AM
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