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VIRTUAL Advanced Art of Typing
Learn how to assist others in discovering their Enneagram type in an accurate and respectful way
Webpage Link Start date:  Mon May 23, 2022 09:00 AM PT
Ends: Fri Jun 03, 2022 01:00 PM PT

Event description

VIRTUAL |  Advanced Art of Typing

Presenter: Ginger Lapid-Bogda, PhD

Enneagram type and typing is simple and complex simultaneously. The single most challenging aspect of teaching the Enneagram is to assist others in discovering their Enneagram type in an accurate and respectful way.

What you’ll gain from this program

  • Increased Enneagram proficiency along with typing competence and confidence
  • In-depth knowledge of internal type dynamics as it relates to accurate typing
  • 9 Ego structures | Centers of Intelligence | Wings and arrows | Subtypes | Levels of self-mastery
  • How to formulate questions to most effectively differentiate between types
  • How to factor in multi-variables in the typing process
    • Content (sentence structure, word usage, themes)
    • Process (speaking style, interaction style)
    • Non-verbal data (body language, visual cues)
    • Context (external and environmental factors)
  • Practice, practice, and more practice, along with feedback
  • Typing via typing cards | Typing via 1-1 typing interview | Typing in a group or team setting
  • How to create and deliver excellent short teaching stories that help teach type, with feedback
  • Practice and feedback with teaching type effectively in group settings, utilizing original Zoom-friendly ppts that include short teaching videos of people of each type


The Advanced Art of Typing

May 23 – June 3, 2022, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

6 sessions Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Registration Fee: $1900 (USD)

Use the link below for more information or to register online:


The program includes 6 four-hour zoom sessions, covering in-depth training and practice in (1) conducting typing interviews with individuals and groups and (2) teaching type effectively in group settings, complete with Zoom-friendly, modern power points that include short type videos. Independent pre- and post-work required.

(p) 510.570.2971

(e) [email protected]

Ginger Lapid-Bogda, PhD, is an internationally recognized Enneagram author, teacher, speaker, OD consultant and coach who helps organizations, leaders, teams, and individuals use the Enneagram to enhance their personal and professional lives. She is the author of 8 Enneagram books, many of which have been translated into multiple languages; provides state-of-the-art Train-the-Trainer and other certificate programs, based on the Enneagram’s business applications, around the world; offers easy-to-use engaging Enneagram training tools; created “Know Your Type,” the Enneagram App, and the Enneagram Learning Portal (ELP), a way to learn the Enneagram anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

(email) [email protected]