Enneagram: Heartache, Trauma, and Loss

4-Week Masterclass. How to work with Heartache, Trauma, and Loss

Presented By:
  • Katherine Chernick Fauvre
Wed Sep 07, 2022


Can Trauma affect or change your Enneagram Type, Tritype®, or Subtype?

How to work with heartache, trauma, and loss

Trauma does not change your Enneagram Type, Tritype®, or Subtype, as they are inborn and govern how you perceive, defend, and manage your reality.

Trauma can, however, cause conscious and/or unconscious emotional patterns of distress such as fear, anxiety, anger, shock, sadness, and/or grief. These emotional patterns can be reactive and excessive, emotionally flat and shut down, and/or everything in between. These reactions or lack thereof can mask your inner motivations or make it difficult for you to recognize the defense strategy you are using and why you are using it. This is largely due to misidentifications.

These misidentifications can happen with or without trauma. Having said that, trauma is known to cause extremely painful memories that can be triggered by events that appear to be similar to the early traumatic event(s).

With these insights, you can work with old patterns in a new way. Using all three centers: your head type (thoughts and preconceived ideas), heart-type (feelings and emotions), and gut type (sensations and convictions), in the right balance, at the right moment in time, you can tag and release rigid beliefs, negative emotions, and self-defeating behaviors. With these insights, you will naturally feel lighter, more relaxed, and clear-minded, often feeling emotionally touched and physically transformed.

Some of the topics that Katherine will explain, guide, and walk you through over the 4 weeks include:

  • What each type might instinctively do and “not” do when faced with managing trauma
  • How does trauma affect your type, Tritype®, and Instinctual Type?
  • What the long-term impacts of unresolved trauma may be on your type, Tritype®, and instinctual type
  • What practical steps each of the 9 types can take to shift more readily from trauma to resolution to resilience

When: Wednesdays: September 7 to September 28, 2022

Fee: Early bird $450 ($100 savings) until 8-23-22 then $550

Time: Wednesdays at 5 pm Pacific (California time)

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