IEA Live with Nhien Vuong: Waking Up, In Community
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  • Nhiên Vương
Starts: Fri Mar 19, 2021 11:30 AM ET
 12:30 PM ET

Event description

Join us for the upcoming IEA Live session with 2019 conference presenter Rev. Nhien Vuong.  Nhien will continue the conversation from his conference session.

At the triadic intersection of conscious community, the Enneagram, and contemplative practice, a sacred space can be created for not only catalyzing personal growth and spiritual awakening but also for living a transformative way of life.

In this interactive session, you'll learn how to facilitate circles of trust among individuals with varying spiritual backgrounds. You'll discover how these facilitated circles are rendered "safe" and trustworthy via group agreements that include confidentiality, no "cross-talk," no interrupting others, and no unsolicited advice-giving. Additionally, you'll gain insight on how those sacred circles can be deeply informed by Enneagram teachings in order to create an Enneagram-literate community that is increasingly self-aware and compassionate. Finally, you'll learn how incorporating contemplative practices, such as centering prayer (aka "Divine Therapy") and welcoming prayer, into the community gathering supports the healing and transformation of every person involved.

In this participatory session, you'll have the opportunity to not only learn about but also ENGAGE in a Contemplative Practice & the Enneagram (aka CPE) (model) practice group. This will include a time of meditation, facilitated group sharing, and an opportunity for debriefing your experience.


As you may know, after the 2019 IEA Global Conference, IEA launched a monthly, live and interactive webinar featuring a different conference presenter(s) each month to continue the conversation from their conference presentation.  We call them IEA LIVE webinars. Participation had previously been limited to conference attendees and to those who purchased access to the 2019 conference recordings.

We recently announced that we opened up participation in the monthly IEA LIVE webinars to anyone who would like to join in! The webinars will continue to be free to those that attended the conference or purchased streaming access and for those that did not attend/purchase access, the cost is just $10 USD for IEA Members or $25 USD for non-members.

If you have not watched the original conference presentation, the videos are available to anyone who attended the conference or purchased access (you may still¬†purchase access).¬†They are located in the IEA‚Äôs Library.¬†FYI ‚Äď you need¬†not¬†have attended or purchased access to participate in the IEA LIVE webinar.

Recording: This IEA LIVE webinar will be recorded and placed in the Library under the original 2019 Conference presentation. You will need to have attended the conference or purchase access ($60 USD) to the recordings in order to view the recording of this webinar.

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