Enneagram Portland's Nine Online
Exploring Type Seven in Film
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  • Dale Rhodes, M.S., M.A.
Starts: Wed Jul 14, 2021 06:00 PM PT
 08:00 PM PT

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One Type: One Film: Nine Participants: All Fun

Discover the universal themes accessible and applicable to us all on the journey. Expand your community of friends who talk type, character development, arts and literature. 

The Enneagram is a map to universal inner and outer territories.  While we often gravitate to certain regions, we visit them all daily throughout our lives. Join this program to find and experience where the map is leading you; all through an exploration of amazing characters and meaningful themes in great film (and literature). This is a course on The Humanities, using the Enneagram as its foundation and direction.

Now in its sixth year, this program explores the universal themes described in the Nine Points of View, explored additionally in a film. These are small group explorations on the Nine Types in Depth, using specific films to enhance our understanding of ourselves and others. The movie may offer a character who generally exemplifies an Enneagram Type, or it may explore themes that relate to an Enneagram Type's area of attention, motivations and life themes, vice to virtue conversion, or paths to disintegration and development.  Because we have all points of view available to us, most participants each month have found something relevant, moving and meaningful to address in their own lives.  The map of the Enneagram and good art provides the entry to examining deeper issues and themes.

Home Study:  In brief preparation for each session, you will get educational materials and reflections on the type and the chosen film; and you will arrange to view the chosen film (often easily available for free in libraries or in streaming sites to which you are already subscribed).  A few prepared questions are available for your self-reflection and our group discussions.  If you are a reader, novels are celebrated when available but know that only the film is required for this summer class. 

Small Group Discussion:  At group sessions, Dale Rhodes will provide a 30-minute teaching on the type of the month;  including music, poetry, video clips of the types and consideration of the instincts, wings, connecting points, etc.  We have 30 minutes for those who may want to share reflections without crosstalk, we take a very short break, and afterwards we move into open lively dialogue. There is plenty of time for reflections, reactions, questions and deeper delving amongst the 9 participants

Looking for an interdisciplinary way to learn and experience beyond the tests and theory?  This is it! 

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