Letting Down Our Defenses
Enneagram Defense Mechanisms
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  • IEA Minnesota
Starts: Wed Oct 28, 2020 07:00 PM CT
 09:00 PM CT

Event description

The “Defense Mechanism” of each Type is what we do the moment after reactivity is triggered within us.  It is the way our ego helps us to feel good about ourselves again--at the cost of our growth and flexibility. 

In this session we will explore the Defense System and how we can reclaim our own self-worth and freedom through teaching, exercises, and hearing from each Type.

Free to MN-IEA members and people 25 years old and under!
$20 for all other guests

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Meet Your Presenter Phil GebbenGreen

 Studying the Enneagram has deepened my self-understanding and faith, given new breath to my relationships, and invigorated my career. I love the MN-IEA for giving us a place to experience a diversity of approaches and teachers and bringing in national speakers that I  would never see otherwise. I am a co-pastor with my wife at Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and use the Enneagram both personally and in my work.