Conversation with my teacher - September 2020
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  • Flemming Christensen
  • Russ Hudson
Starts: Tue Sep 08, 2020 08:00 PM CET
 09:30 PM CETVenue Name: 

Event description

When teaching others about the Enneagram or using the Enneagram in coaching, how can I transmit presence and the deeper wisdom of the Enneagram?


We are always teaching others about presence and the deeper wisdom of the Enneagram just by collaborating with our colleagues at work, playing with our kids or joining a workshop about the Enneagram. We are constantly showing a way of awareness, pointing to a journey of maturation of the personality and inviting others to a practice of both growing up and waking up. In the workshop Russ Hudson and Flemming Christensen will share practices of presence using the Enneagram, support you both when you are teaching in a role of a teacher and in your role as a fellow human being.

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