Fri Aug 01, 2003

2003 IEA Global Conference Presentation

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Presenter: Barry Keesan

After introducing the Enneagram to an organization…then what? The Enneagram is, to be sure, a great tool for a coach or consultant to help individuals grow through self-awareness. However, although self-knowledge is one key component of leadership development, the Enneagram of personality does not address other critical business leadership competencies. This interactive session will introduce you to a unique and practical Enneagram-based model of leadership development that is geared toward driving strategic business outcomes. The Nine Tenets of The Enneagram of Leadership outline a competency model that can be used to foster the kind of transformation that helps leaders, their teams, and their organizations thrive on change.

Barry Keesan, M.B.A., is CEO of WorkSmart, an organization development, training, and consulting company. A seasoned facilitator and former engineering professor, Barry has over 25 years experience in business leadership, including 15 years as CEO of an Inc. 500 high-tech company. Currently IEA Board Secretary, he has served on many other boards including for-profit service and manufacturing companies. Barry.keesan