Fri Jul 31, 2009

2009 IEA Global Conference Presentation

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Presenter: Jessica Dibb

In this workshop, we will explore how each type has characteristic ways of perceiving stress as either crisis or opportunity. We will examine the core essential qualities of the types as resources for optimally flowing with the challenges our lives present, thus transforming them into opportunities for growth and real development. This highly experiential workshop will journey through periods of intense inner work, dialogue, and open inquiry into any topic that is arising, whether personal or theoretical. It will require courage and willingness to let go of stances about self and reality.

Jessica Dibb is founder and Spiritual Director of Inspiration, a non-denominational consciousness school, which promotes personal, relational and planetary wholeness. For twenty-five years she has created Breathwork and Psycho-spiritual trainings, and also trains practitioners in these modalities. She uses Integrative Breathwork, the Enneagram, psychodynamic principles and wisdom teachings from many lineages to facilitate embodied awareness of each moment. Jessica is Co-director of the International Breathwork Training Alliance, the chair of its Ethics Committee, and a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute.