Carl Jung taught us that the greatest gold is discovered within us by relating to our shadows consciously and bringing them into the light. So too, by consciously revealing our instincts and developing ongoing awareness of them, we will expand our inner resources for responding to life with the grace, strength, spontaneity, flexibility, attunement, joy, truth, beauty, love and wisdom of our Essence. Each instinct gives us particular energies and wisdom that can enhance life and create a powerful structure for embodying Essence in every moment. Participants will learn ways to consciously contact and experience the full spectrum of the energies and developmental levels of the three instincts. This spectrum includes the psychopathologies, shadows, masculine and feminine energies, actualized energies, and illuminated qualities of each instinct. Understanding will be enriched by referencing current brain research.

This highly experiential workshop begins with explanations of the spectrum of energies of each instinct. Examples and stories will illustrate each instinct’s contribution when it is fully revealed and illuminated. Participants will then enter into experiential journeys for each instinct using kinesthetic sensing, music, thoughts, movement, chakra awareness, sound, and breath. Then each participant can choose one instinct to work with more intensively during a potent and nurturing guided breathwork experience. This deeper work will create opportunities to 1) heal and release blockages; 2) discover patterns of under-use, over-use, or unhealthy imbalance of the instinct; 3) open that instinct’s energy more fully in the body, noticing how it affects energy levels, choices, relating, feeling Self, and contacting Essence. Participants will experience an expanded flow and embodiment of the kinesthetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy that can infuse each moment by bringing the instincts into the light of awareness, unconditional love, and consciousness.

Jessica Dibb is the founder and Spiritual Director of Inspiration Community, a nondenominational consciousness school, promoting personal, relational, and planetary wholeness. For twenty-two years she has designed and taught courses ranging from eight weeks to seven years, using unique experiential processes to facilitate kinesthetic, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual experiences and embodiment of Essence. She teaches a five-year training program in psycho-spiritual facilitation. This multidisciplinary program trains practitioners to assist people in awakening and cultivating the unfolding of consciousness through all stages of life, from conception and birth through death. Jessica uses the Enneagram, psychodynamic principles, Integrative Breathwork, eclectic spiritual practices, diverse psychological processes, induction of mystical states, movement, and wisdom teachings to facilitate awakening and integration of expansive states of awareness and consciousness in everyday life. For the past fourteen years she has been using the Enneagram as the primary map to help people navigate towards the mapless territory of the alive and evolutionary Authentic Self, which manifests uniquely in every person. Jessica is the Co-director of the International Breathwork Training Alliance and teaches internationally. She is also a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, a core team member of the Global Life Foundation, and Co-chair of the International Breathwork Foundation’s Integrity Committee.

Jessica Dibb


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA

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