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An Experiential Journey into the Power of the Enneagram for Enduring Personal, Relational, and Collective Transformation in the 21st Century

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The Enneagram is a powerful tool for psychological integration, spiritual awakening, and innovative multi-dimensional conversations that transform important personal, societal, cultural and global issues in the 21st century. The sophistication and dynamism of the Enneagram contains capacity to create deeper multi-vectored experiential processes/practices/conversations than are [...]

Embodying Integration of our Insights and Transformations into 21st Century Living Through Breathwork

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[NO RECORDING] Life begins and ends with a breath - its presence is enduring throughout every moment. Breath awareness supports consciousness of sensations of our body, feelings of our heart, and thoughts of our mind, and creates conscious connection between them. Enhanced breath, as in [...]

Embracing Our Shadow: How the Enneagram can Liberate Us or Limit Us

By |2019-07-06T00:42:15+00:00July 28th, 2011|Categories: 2011 IEA Global Conference, No Media|

[NO RECORDING] Carl Jung taught us that by fully embracing the shadow in ourselves or in a situation we can liberate the energy that is imprisoned in the disowned parts of us. Doing this creates a more energized, actualized, and integrated self or situation. As [...]

Embodying and Integrating our Insights and Transformations through Breathwork

By |2019-05-07T11:12:32+00:00July 29th, 2010|Categories: 2010 IEA Global Conference, Audio|

In this workshop participants will be invited to bring the most potent awareness they have about a way their being needs and wants to change. They will be guided in a breathwork session that can access non-ordinary states of consciousness to hear and integrate the [...]

From Personal Greed to Essential Generosity: The Journey through the Shadow of Inner Emptiness

By |2019-07-06T02:35:37+00:00July 31st, 2009|Categories: 2009 IEA Global Conference, Audio|

How do our type structures and the associated drives for security, well-being, and love and the corresponding aversive emotions of fear, anger, and shame / distress play out in greed? What is required to lessen greed / selfishness and create true generosity? How might presence [...]

Riding the Currents of Change: The Enneagram and Presence in Times of Crisis and Opportunity

By |2019-05-07T11:30:09+00:00July 31st, 2009|Categories: 2009 IEA Global Conference, No Media|

[NO RECORDING] In this workshop, we will explore how each type has characteristic ways of perceiving stress as either crisis or opportunity. We will examine the core essential qualities of the types as resources for optimally flowing with the challenges our lives present, thus transforming [...]

Accelerating and Deepening Spiritual and Life Practices through the Enneagram

By |2019-07-06T02:47:48+00:00July 31st, 2008|Categories: 2008 IEA Global Conference, No Media|

[NO RECORDING] Throughout history, human beings have yearned to be one with their True Nature. To this end, they have created many practices to reach their full potential, and to integrate their deeper realizations into daily life.Yet, for all the beauty and wisdom of these [...]

Using the Enneagram to Cultivate Consciousness and Authentic Love in Relationship

By |2019-05-07T11:16:10+00:00August 3rd, 2006|Categories: 2006 IEA Global Conference, Audio|

Mystics and quantum physicists say everything in existence is in relationship with everything else. Conscious committed interpersonal relationships offer possibilities for experiencing and embodying this truth. Conscious relationship can facilitate integral awakening, including the deep satisfaction of human needs. Much of what people call "love" [...]

Experiencing Essence Through Conscious Awareness and Embodiment of the Three Instincts

By |2019-05-07T11:16:18+00:00August 12th, 2005|Categories: 2005 IEA Global Conference, Audio|

Carl Jung taught us that the greatest gold is discovered within us by relating to our shadows consciously and bringing them into the light. So too, by consciously revealing our instincts and developing ongoing awareness of them, we will expand our inner resources for responding [...]

Journey to Essence: The Enneagram, PsychoSpiritual Transformation, and Jung’s “The Great Work Which Goes Against One’s Nature”

By |2019-05-07T11:33:29+00:00August 6th, 2004|Categories: 2004 IEA Global Conference, No Media|

[NO RECORDING] This workshop provides participants with pathways of liberation from conditioning and fearful reactions to genuine awakening and Essence. Through instruction, inquiry, experiential exercises, breath, and meditations, participants are guided to states of Essence. Embodied presence of Essence dissolves the dominance of defensive structures, [...]

Spirituality: The Enneagram, Psycho-Spiritual Transformation and Jung’s Opus Contranaturum: The Great Work Which Goes Against One’s Nature

By |2019-05-07T11:33:37+00:00August 1st, 2003|Categories: 2003 IEA Global Conference, No Media|

[NO RECORDING] This workshop provides participants with a map for the journey of liberation from conditioning and fearful reactions into genuine awakening and essence. Participants are guided through visualizations, meditations, experiential exercises, sharing and instruction about ways to create "a project" (The Great Work) that [...]