This workshop provides participants with pathways of liberation from conditioning and fearful reactions to genuine awakening and Essence. Through instruction, inquiry, experiential exercises, breath, and meditations, participants are guided to states of Essence. Embodied presence of Essence dissolves the dominance of defensive structures, thereby opening pathways to build healthy psychic structures through which Essence can manifest in daily life. This session will include experiences to access the core wound, instruction in cultivating Essence in everyday life, examples of ongoing “Essence Projects,” which move people through kinesthetic, mental, and feeling levels of core wounding, critical themes for each type, and other considerations.

Jessica Dibb is the Director of Inspiration Community, a nondenominational spiritual studies and service organization promoting conscious and integral living. She uses the Enneagram, psychodynamic priniciples, Integrative Breathing, and eclectic spiritual practices to support radical transformation and holistic evolution. Jessica is Codirector of the International Breathwork Training Alliance and teaches internationally.

Jessica Dibb


2004 IEA Global Conference

Arlington, Virginia, USA