Mystics and quantum physicists say everything in existence is in relationship with everything else. Conscious committed interpersonal relationships offer possibilities for experiencing and embodying this truth. Conscious relationship can facilitate integral awakening, including the deep satisfaction of human needs. Much of what people call “love” is negotiation, contract, illusion, or grasping for certainty or a sensation of aliveness. Fixated psyches create symbiosis, dependency, polarization, power negotiation, imago formation, and projection. This blocks the realization of authentic love with its connection, spaciousness, freedom, holding, liberation, and contact.

Each Enneatype has an inherent and effortless gift of authentic love. Every type can learn to cultivate and embody all nine gifts and ways of loving from Essence. In fixation we relate from deficiency and look to relationship for completion. Authentic love, which the nine gifts co-create, matures us into recognizing and choosing real love.

This experiential workshop will explain each type’s inherent gift of love, including examples from movie clips, real life, and poetry. There will be examples of how neural wiring related to sexuality and self-preservation patterns can be transformed in the presence of authentic love. We will take two experiential journeys using breath, guided imagery, movement, music, and meditation.

Jessica Dibb is the founder and Spiritual Director of Inspiration Community, a non-denominational consciousness school that promotes personal, relational, and planetary wellness. She designs and teaches courses ranging from eight-week to seven-year trainings using unique experiential processes that facilitate kinesthetic, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual experiences of Essence. Jessica uses the Enneagram, psychodynamic principles, Integrative Breathwork, and eclectic spiritual practices to facilitate awakening and integration of expansive states of awareness and consciousness in everyday life. She has been teaching month-long “Conscious Love and Tantra” trainings for couples for fifteen years. She is the Co-director of the International Breathwork Training Alliance and teaches internationally. Jessica is also a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, a core team member of the Global Life Foundation, and Co-chair of the International Breathwork Foundation’s Integrity Committee.

Jessica Dibb


2006 IEA Global Conference

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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