The aim of the ceremony is to facilitate a pause in the normal unceasing activity of the conscious mind in order to create the spaciousness to experience other aspects of existence and consciousness unavailable until this moment.

George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff emphasized that dance could be used to express knowledge of a higher or cosmic order. The practice of dancing the `Movements’ is perhaps the most important part of Gurdjieff ‘s teaching. Performing each movement, the dancer experiences a different force that expresses an objective truth about him/herself. The dance is a real instrument of awareness which favours observation of the self without over-identification with the self. Each dance has a characteristic frequency, each dance carries a wave that has a crucial role in the exploration of a part of our personal universe. Above all it brings the presence of the dancer into actual time.

In the performance of an energetically charged group ritual the personality is forced to leave much of itself behind — the person detaches from the ego. We discover orbits far from the nucleus and its strong binding force (the quality of the personality) with light of different colours. In the Hymn To The Sun we will work with a magneto-optical trap that lowers emotional energy, as well as with laser beams, coherent sounds, and magnetic fields.

To experience the Movement in our own bodies, it is essential to dance with other people. All the dancers’ bodies, synchronized, are in fact like a single wave of matter proceeding in one direction. People undergo a transition from behaving like the separate particles of classical physics, to behaving like one giant matter wave -a unique subject-object.

The illusion we maintain is that we are all separate and alone in the universe. This dance offers the opportunity of a real connection between people and a way of experiencing the Unity of One.

Marta Molinotti
Annamaria Squarciapino


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA