The characteristics and particularities that compose each Enneagram type are commonly used in transpersonal psychology and human growth. However, the Enneagram is not frequently applied in clinical medicine or related investigations in psychology and medicine about psychotypes and specific organic disorders.

This study attempts to establish the correlation between specific Enneatypes and specific organic disorders. This is achieved by designing a qualitative investigation, including non-experimental, retrospective, and longitudinal trials. For this to be successful a sample of 250 patients was selected between January 2001 and January 2006. All patients determined their enneatype by the Desana method during a three-day Enneagram seminar. At the same time they had a medical assessment in which the most common and important diseases were determined. These were then included in the clinical history of the patient.

A significant number of case histories with specific disorders of determined Enneatypes were found in the studied sample. The study shows the presence of certain common diseases according to the Enneatype, for example migraine headaches in Type One women.

Eduardo Insignares, M.D. is a doctor specializing in internal medicine and surgery. He also has a Master’s degree in pathology. He has been affiliated with Hospital Militar Central, has studied biological medicine (bioenergetic medicine) at the Latinamerican Academy of Biological Medicine, and studied under occupational health professor German Duque Mejia at the Javeriana University and the Colombian Society of Labor Medicine. Insignares is a researcher, professor, and founder of the Genesis Foundation and the Albert Einstein Higher Education Center for the teaching of Doctoral Degree Studies on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Odontology, and Veterinary. He has also studied transpersonal psychology and alternative sciences and is an Enneagram Researcher at AHSER-Colombia. He teaches Enneagram Seminars and is the creator of conventional, natural, cosmetic, and homeopathic formulas and medicines in the pharmaceutical industry. He received Columbia’s National Award of Medicine in1984.

Eduardo Insignares-Carrione


2006 IEA Global Conference

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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