Fr. Richard Rohr will combine two of his areas of expertise to provide an extended workshop for both men and women: the patterns of male initiation and the transformational work of the Enneagram. This three hour session will be a combination of lecture and open dialogue on the interplay of these two themes, which both speak a necessary language of descent and not ascent.

Father Richard Rohr is a Franciscan of the New Mexico Province. He was the founder of the New Jerusalem Community in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1971, and the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1986, where he presently serves as Founding Director.

Rohr entered the Franciscans in 1961 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1970. He received his Master’s Degree in Theology from Dayton that same year. He now lives in a hermitage behind his Franciscan community in Albuquerque, and divides his time between local work, and preaching and teaching on all continents.

His best known books are Simplicity, The Wild Man’s Journey, Quest for the Grail, Everything Belongs, Hope Against Darkness, The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective, and Job and the Mystery of Suffering.

His latest book is Adam’s Return: The Five Promises of Male Initiation from Crossroad Publishing. A second edition of Wild Man’s Journey, revised and updated, is due out in Fall of 2005.

Richard Rohr


2006 IEA Global Conference

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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