The Integral Alignment Model refers to an understanding of the Enneagram that bridges and integrates personality, psychology, child development, post-modernism and spirituality into a multi-dimensional integral model.

The Integral Alignment Model uses the Enneagram symbol as a horizontal as well as a vertical description of the person. The numbers viewed as personality types comprise the horizontal description. The developmental and intra-psychic aspects of the person–the universal aspects of human experience embodied in each point of reference–create the vertical description.

The Enneagram as a metaphor invites us to have our own conversations and insights about the meaning of the symbolism. The beauty of the Enneagram is that it is as personal as it is universal. Each student or seeker brings his or her own values, histories, perceptual filters and ways of making sense of the world to their interpretation of the Enneagram.

Participants will engage in a conversation with the symbol using the approach described in this model. Having experienced the integral approach to the Enneagram, participants will be invited to further develop their models of the Enneagram, thereby integrating their knowledge, interests and preferences in ways that render the Enneagram even more useful and meaningful.

Leonard Carr is a clinical psychologist with close to twenty-five years’ experience in counselling in diverse lay-voluntary and professional settings. He has provided ongoing trainings and individual and group case consultation to many welfare and counselling organizations. As an expert witness he has presented findings in the courts of South Africa, including the Constitutional Court.

He runs growth courses and workshops based on the Integral Alignment Model, the Enneagram and Narrative Therapy. He does consulting and coaching in corporate, government and NGO settings. He has appeared on national and international television and radio. He is the in-house on-air psychologist of Infusion Radio. His show, The Soulfulness of Everyday Life, is featured on Infusion Radio: the World Space Satellite Radio Network. His other series include therapeutic children’s stories designed to teach Enneagram concepts to young children and programs for relationship preparation and enrichment. Leonard is married to Rachael and has five children. His personal motto is: Service through self-expression and selfexpression through service.

Leonard Carr


2006 IEA Global Conference

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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