The Enneagram is part of a complex and extensive theological framework developed over 600 years as part of the Christian desert mystical tradition. The Enneagram is prone to serious misuse or misunderstanding by some modern psychological commentators who seek to excise the framework from its mystical and theological origins.

This workshop will place the Enneagram within its mystical and historical origins while demonstrating some of the insights and praxis of the ancient desert tradition. While a working familiarity with the writings and nomenclature of the desert tradition would be very useful, this workshop will also appeal to spiritual directors or those seeking a deeper spiritual, post -psychological understanding of the Enneagram suitable for contemporary life.

David Burke has a degree and post graduate qualifications in Economics, Education and Theology. He is currently completing his Doctorate at the Centre for Islamic Studies in Brisbane, Australia. In 1994 David established the Brisbane Enneagram Project, which has become Australia’s largest and longest running longitudinal study of personality type. He has facilitated over 400 public Enneagram panels, interviewed over 7000 subjects and has convened and underwritten four highly successful national and international Enneagram conferences in Australia.

In 1997 David founded the not-for-profit Australian Institute for Enneagram Studies to train Enneagram teachers in the Australian Oral tradition. David also created `Andelaine,’ a not-for-profit Queensland residential retreat centre for the study of personality, mental health and spirituality. He runs programs based on the ascetic and mystical practice of the Christian desert tradition.

David studied the Enneagram under Tony Hempenstall CFC in Australia and Daniels and Palmer in the US. An experienced educator, David lectures throughout Australia, the US, Europe and Canada. He has co-written two books on the Enneagram including Transforming Organizations, and has produced a series of videos and DVDs including his neoplatonic rendering of the Tao Te Ching.

David Burke


2006 IEA Global Conference

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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