One of the teachings we have developed over the years is that of the “Missing Piece,” the specific quality that is the most ego-alien to each type–but which is also the final “capstone” of each type’s personal psychospiritual journey. Level 1 in each type’s Direction of Stress in the Levels of Development specifically indicates what quality is most necessary for each type’s final ego-dissolution; however, this quality is at such a “distance”from each type’s ordinary ego structure that attaining it and stabilizing it as a central aspect of one’s consciousness is nearly impossible from the normal ego perspective. A much longer process of seeing through various aspects of the ego is necessary before each type can attain and “hold” the quality of the Missing Piece.

The journey of Integration,”the long way around the Enneagram”(so to speak), is necessary as psycho-spiritual preparation before a person can attain the Missing Piece. But, once one integrates the Missing Piece, the habitual personality identity is dissolved: the Missing Piece is, in fact, the mark of the final undoing of the personality itself and the beginning of a real and lasting life as an embodiment of Essence. In this session, Don and Russ will explain the concept of the Missing Piece publicly for the first time and its relationship to their teaching about the Directions of Integration, Stress (Disintegration), and Security, as applied to all nine types of the Enneagram.

For information on Don Riso and Russ Hudson, see page 31.

Don Richard Riso
Russ Hudson


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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