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Two New Ways of Holding the Enneagram: The Nine Domains and the Nine Journeys

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In this all-day program, Don Riso and Russ Hudson, two of the leading teachers and developers of the Enneagram system in the world today, will present their ground-breaking material on The Nine Domains and The Nine Journeys. During the morning session, Don and Russ will [...]

How Integral Coaching Transforms Enneagram Insights into Embodied Change

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[NO RECORDING] By combining the Riso-Hudson Enneagram's ability to illuminate the deeper patterns of human nature with Integral Coaching's methodology for fostering human development, coaches can provide pragmatic and holistic coaching programs that almost always accelerate the process of growth for the client, as well [...]

Satsang/ A Conversation with Don Riso and Russ Hudson

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[NO RECORDING] The word "satsang" comes from the Sanskrit for "sat," which means "highest truth" and "sanga," which means "company / community." Thus, at its simplest, a satsang is a gathering of people who are Seekers of Truth working with the guidance of a teacher [...]

Spiraling Out Into Greater Global Consciousness: Where Are We Now And Where Are We Going? Visioning for the Future of the Enneagram

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A Series of Expert Panels Examining the "State of the Art" of Enneagram-related Work in the World Today The theme of this year's IEA conference is "Spiraling out into Greater Consciousness." Spiral Dynamics offers a model through which we can understand the spiraling levels of [...]

The Enneagram and the Superego: An Introduction to the Psychic Structures

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Anyone who has done serious spiritual or psychological inner work encounters a discouraging phenomenon: having experienced new states of freedom and expanded consciousness, after a few days (or hours) the old personality patterns reassert themselves as if the profound experience had not occurred. One of [...]

The Enneagram and the Fourth Way: Transmission and the Spiritual Context of the Enneagram

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Most of us originally discover the Enneagram as a typology, but more profoundly, it is a map of wholeness and a way of recognizing and investigating different aspects and dimensions of our inner experience. George Gurdjieff brought the Enneagram symbol (and many of its principles) [...]

The Virtues and the Holy Ideas: Views of the Real World

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[NO RECORDING] During this 2-hour talk, Don and Russ will talk about the Virtues and Holy Ideas to show participants how they are actually aspects of a unified vision of Reality. They will guide participants in discriminating between the various Virtues and Holy Ideas, bringing [...]

Spirituality: The Enneagram of Wholeness: The Centers and the Levels of Development as Tools for Awakening

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[NO RECORDING] Most profoundly, the Enneagram is a map of wholeness. It describes not just nine types, but nine gradations within each type to provide a multidimensional matrix for consciousness. The Levels of Development (as a measure of identification and consciousness for each type) reveal [...]