Most profoundly, the Enneagram is a map of wholeness. It describes not just nine types, but nine gradations within each type to provide a multidimensional matrix for consciousness. The Levels of Development (as a measure of identification and consciousness for each type) reveal how each of the nine facets of the psyche operates in us. The presentation emphasizes the Enneagram as a way of growth by moving beyond simply categorizing people to providing a more direct experience of the qualities of Living Presence that moves in all of us. The session will focus on various supports for “waking up” from our typical entrancement.

Don Richard Riso, M.A., President of The Enneagram Institute, is a Founding Director of the IEA. He holds degrees in English and Philosophy and was a Ford Foundation Fellow at Stanford University. Russ Hudson, Executive Director of The Enneagram Institute, is a Founder and former Vice-President of the IEA with a degree in East Asian Studies from Columbia University (Phi Beta Kappa). Both have been in the Gurdjieff Work and are in the Ridhwan School. Authors of The Wisdom of the Enneagram, Personality Types, and three other best selling books. Contact at .

Don Richard Riso
Russ Hudson


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA