Joseph Campbell and the Enneagram adopt a strikingly similar approach to the journey of the human soul and its search for transformation. Campbell’s analysis and observations of ancient and modern mythology and its heroes and villains provide a penetrating insight into the human psyche and fundamental messages regarding personal and spiritual development.

This workshop examines underlying universal messages regarding personal transformation and the fight between Good and Evil which can be found in myth and contemporary stories, focusing on the legend of Dracula. It will then correlate these to the struggle between Essence and Personality, and the challenges and teachings provided by the Enneagram, particularly the Law of Seven.

Rachel Weeks is a corporate lawyer and partner in an Australian law firm. She is a registered teacher with the Australian Institute for Enneagram Studies, and leads the community development program for the Australian Enneagram Community. She sits on the boards of both IEA Australia and IEA Global.

Rachel Weeks


2009 IEA Global Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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