“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.” Chinese proverb

“Say not, `I have found the truth,’ but rather, `I have found a truth.'” Kahil Gibran

“Wisdom never has made a bigot, but learning has.” Josh Billings

“A quarter of a picture is worth 250 words.” George Carlin

When people first learn the Enneagram, they often become intensely occupied with the system. New students buy books, go to workshops, and engage in a flurry of typing, working out the personality styles of their relatives, colleagues and friends. Suddenly, evidence of the Enneagram seems to be everywhere, the way someone notices Japanese cars after buying a new Honda. This stage is perfectly appropriate to discovering something new and revelatory. Learning about ourselves and others is fun, fascinating and useful, and the best way to absorb a complex subject is to dive in and swim in its sea. Newcomers to the Enneagram often have a sense of dynamic enthusiasm, of making real progress, as if they finally have their hands on something solid. This might be called the Honeymoon phase…


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