When you eat when you are not hungry, a familiar Enneagram habitual pattern or habit is working to sabotage you. Enneagram eating habits can be difficult to conquer but you can change.

This fun presentation will identify the habitual triggers of unhealthy eating for your Enneagram Style.You will also be given tips and tricks to out-smart your style.

All nine types have different methods they use to get off track and back on track.

In today’s world, being at a healthy weight has never been more crucial, so find out how to bypass the habitual sabotage methods of your Enneagram Style

MaryAnn Riddell 7/8 is a Life Coach specializing in Work-Life Balance issues. In the last year, MaryAnn has lost 45 pounds by outsmarting her Enneagram Style triggers. MaryAnn specializes in helping people identify their hidden blocks (Enneagram Fears or Defense Mechanisms). MaryAnn and Colette give a fun workshop with participants learning how to recognize their eating/dieting triggers

MaryAnn Birkbeck
Colette Rodriguez


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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