“Seal Woman – her sealskin stolen by a man who craved love – lives as human, gives birth, and then, forced to stay on land too long, she begins to dry and die from lack of soul and nurturance the child returns her hidden sealskin, saving her and losing her.”

The Seal Woman’s story is the inner journey, moving from psychic depth through travails to reunion with Soul. The Father’s story is the outer journey, perfecting and teaching the ways of survival – surveying the night sky for wisdom. The Child navigates both.

Seal Woman, dancing in the moonlight, bridges the chasm between the soul of the sea and human experience. This workshop will surprise and delight you. Explore how Story challenges us to use the Enneagram intelligently and intuitively for integration and transformation.Visit familiar stories and hear new ones. We’ll play all the parts, unravel mysteries, and be changed in the process.

Hats and masks provided.

An IEA Accredited teacher, Kathryn Grant holds advanced degrees from University of Illinois and Roosevelt University, Chicago. She received her Enneagram Certification from Jerry Wagner, has studied with many teachers and brings an eclectic style to her presentations.

Kathryn Grant


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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