The Enneagram enriches Theatre with information about human behavior and Theatre offers the Enneagram tools for rehearsing real-life situations, producing high-level self-observation and reflection opportunities.

Improvisation as a theatrical technique is the strategy that makes the SYMBIOSIS between Enneagram and Theatre feasible.


To show how some practical theatrical tools can facilitate the discovering and the internalization of the different personality types in a non-judgmental ambience.


Participants from the audience will participate in 3 exercises:

– “Status: The King and the two servants”: this exercise shows in a clear and effective way how we relate to others, in terms of superiority-inferiority patterns. It allows us to identify Enneatypes that are aggressive, overly dependent, isolated etc., as well as self-images and desires.

– “The Court”: this exercise is one of the most complete practices, because it covers multiple aspects of each Enneatype: defense mechanisms, compulsions, traps, desires, self-image, passions and virtues.

– “Dressing the character”: this practice confronts people to what they avoid the most. In its beginning, it generates resistance, but people finally manage to connect to an inner strength to undertake the necessary effort, thus obtaining awareness of resistance patterns and a way out of them.

Catalina Rico is the CEO of Gymnasium for the Soul. Presenter in workshops of Theatre and the Enneagram.

Catalina Rico Florez


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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